Point Set Processing for VTK - Outlier Removal, Curvature Estimation, Normal Estimation, Normal Orientation

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This document presents a set of classes (vtkPointSetOutlierRemoval, vtkPointSetNormalEstimation, vtkPointSetNormalOrientation, vtkPointSetCurvatureEstimation, vtkEuclideanMinimumSpanningTree, and vtkRiemannianGraphFilter) to enable several basic operations on point sets. These classes are implemented as VTK filters. Paraview plugin interfaces to the filters are also provided to allow extremely easy experimentation with the new functionality. We propose these classes as an addition to the Visualization Toolkit.

The latest source code can be found here: https://github.com/daviddoria/PointSetProcessing

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Categories: PointSet, Surface extraction
Keywords: Normal estimation, Normal orientation, orientation, normals, point set, point cloud, curvature, estimation, best fit plane, riemannian graph, euclidean minimum spanning tree, minimum spanning tree, outlier removal
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